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HM – 520

HM – 520

Product & Service Description

• HM – 520 is EVA based melting adhesive with high flexibility, fabric is not tear off, high adhesive power and quick solidities capacity. Suitable to stick PVC, weather, wood, to wooden surfaces.
Average viscosity
• High velocity machine
• Good absorbance, easy to become adhesive
• Initial adhesive power is good
• Adhesive power after the adhesive stable .
• The adhesive is convenience, wide application scales.
Using method:
• HM-520 may used on normal machineries, according to following conditions to attain high adhesive efficiency:
1. The material should be clean, not containing oil, to be dried via temperature to avoid humidity.
2. Temperature of material when pasting in room temperature 18-20°C.
3. Humidity of material is from 8-14%.
4. Temperature of adhesive roller 160-190°C.
5. Melting temperature of adhesive 160-190°C.
6. Production speed 20-30 m / points .

Packaging specification:

25 Kg/box,

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HM – 520
HM – 520