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VNP – M-312 – (absorbance proof substances)

VNP – M-312 – (absorbance proof substances)

Product & Service Description


• Has extreme absorbent proof effect when adding M-312 to cement or using independently.


• High plasticity and flexibility .

• Not affected by weather

Using method:

• The surface using absorbent proof agent should be processed cleaned, not containing oil.

• Execution of absorbent proof layer

• To blend water absorbent agent with water by proportion1: 3 to strengthen substance to put on construction surface to create one thin layer to make lining layer.

• M-312 and concrete mixture by proportion 1:1( according to volume ) at first for approximately ¾ M-312 , mix evenly, to use electric mixer with small speed and gradually to put cement into blending mixture until cement is run out and blend another time, if it is too thick, to put the ¼  M-312 into the mixture.

• Wait until lining layer nearly dry, absorbent proof layer is executed.
• Absorbent proof layer should be executed 2 layers, the second layer is constructed after the first layer has completely dried, the thickness of second layer should not be thinner than 2mm (estimated water volume is approximately 2 Kg/m2)

Packaging specification:
20 Kg/carton box,
4 Kg/carton box,



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