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VNP – 5842L

VNP – 5842L

Product & Service Description



  1.  Extremely good adhesive on materials such as: Paper, wood , OPP, PVC, Nylon, cotton fabric, MDF woods, concrete, PU spongy…
  2. Normally used in combining PVC board (from soft to semi hard) to wooden boards,


  1. The glue dries extremely well, strong adhesive power.
  2. Suitable to some material, lining, color material and solvent.
  3. Has high stability when blending to other emulsion liquid.

Using method:

  1. LP – 5842L generally used in some aspects: • Normally use in rolling PVC board (from soft to semi hard) to wooden boards,…
  2. To apply adhesive by roller or knife, cold pressure or temperature pressure until it dries according to suitable proportion.

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